The Triangle Building

The Triangle Building

In the early days of Pawhuska, the natural development of what is now Kihekah Ave created a triangle shaped piece of land in the middle town. This location severed for many years as a place of gathering. In the late 19th century a beautiful band stand/gazebo was erected and became a site for historic speeches, rallies all of which were happening during the time that Oklahoma and the Osage Nation entered state hood (1890). The tribe members would gather around and receive their “head rights” at the band stand, the area was also home to the town’s hanging gallows.

As the Osage continued to prosper, construction of the Triangle Building began, in 1913 a very modern “flat-iron” building began to take shape and in just 2 short years it was open and taking tenants. During the “oil boom” it housed several businesses, including offices for many of the over 100 lawyers practicing in Pawhuska at that time. In the 1920’s the Osage Indians were among the richest people in the world, this came with a price, the murder rate against tribal members was in a rapid increase. The attorneys in Pawhuska were appointed as “guardians” of the Osage wealth, however most became “drunk with power”.

Over the next several years, decades, the triangle building slipped from it’s once grand state. A building ahead of its time, constructed from steel and brick, and holding claims for being “fire proof” this did not keep time from taking a toll on the once beautiful gem, and by the end of the 20th century it had spent a lot of time empty. However, being one of only 5 buildings like this in the US it was kept standing and was added to the historical registry in 2002.

In approximately 2010 an investment group from Tulsa stepped in and purchased the Triangle Building, but not without problems. Due to the historical listing it took them almost 5 years before they were able to undertake the much-needed renovations. Currently the building is in the process of being restored, and will eventually house a 20-room hotel, restaurant and bar.

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