Like the Oklahoma land rush, there was a time when Pawhuska was an open expanse, barren of businesses specializing in cowboy gear and boutiques. One of the first to settle in downtown and build a diverse location featuring these specialty goods was Osage Outfitters. They have been here from the beginning and stood at the forefront of this growing pioneer town. Joey and Callie Lee are true pioneers in every sense and are still going strong with the best selection of hats, boots, jewelry and western apparel this side of the Rockies. There is nothing like walking into an establishment and having your senses assailed by the smell of new leather mixed with good ol’ country air. These two entrepreneurs saw a future where others would have folded their cards and moved back East. Determination and a down right savvy business sense has made this one of the most unique destination locations in Pawhuska. Osage Outfitters, located at 519 Kihekah, is where you can find the best western attire in all of Osage County. Sit back and enjoy that fresh leather smell and get a cowboy hat, custom fitted and shaped to your personal specifications. Once they outfit you with your own personalized western attire, it is wholly possible that you will be mistaken for a Country Western SUPERSTAR, thanks to this pioneering couple.

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