It was a day like any other in the Osage Hills when a loud, hopping-like gallop sound was heard echoing through the valley. With amazing speed and agility, a massive kangaroo as large as any draft horse, was approaching from the East pulling a wagon, the likes of which no one had ever seen before in these parts. The wagon was adorned with ornate decorations, painted in bright colors and just screamed elegance. The wagon pulled up to the Osage Square on Kihekah and the doors flung open to reveal a woman we all now know as The Gypsy Cowgirl (Roslynn Jackson). On a walkabout from her home country of Australia, Pawhuska’s newest resident brought with her a sophisticated taste for clothing, antiques, apparel and home decor, all of which is represented in her store at 705 Kihekah. When you visit, she may regale you of her time and adventures in the outback with a smile that will both endear and intoxicate. However, unless you would like a gypsy curse put upon your soul, don’t ever ask about the kangaroo that conveyed her to town. It remains a mystery that only she holds the key to.

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