Grill 125


Yes, your eyes do not decieve you. That is a double bacon cheese burger and each patty is over a half inch thick. This is one place in Pawhuska you will need to add to your bucket food list. Owners Scotty and his wife Karee didn’t start off making these monster burgers though. It all started back in 2005 with Scotty’s first restaurant called the Dawg House which served chicken, shrimp, and of course, hot dogs. But this was not Scotty’s dream restaurant. What he had in mind was much more than just a hot dog hut. He envisioned a true restauant environment where the atmosphere was more refined with a diverse menu focused on a love of beef. With the purchase of the buildings located at 125 Main Street, his vision would soon come to fruition. The restaurant came to life as they began to refurbish the buildings. They kept a lot of the existing exposed brick walls and the tiled metal ceilings so the historic luster would carry over into their future restaurant. Today you can enjoy the rich atmosphere at Grill 125, and an assortment of menu items revolving around Kansas fed beef. The restaurant actually spans through three buildings including a sports bar and an ice cream shop. However, if you see their slogan it really does say it all… “Damn Good Burgers!”

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