Cody & Lauren Garnett / The Buckin’ Flamingo


In 2009 Cody and Lauren met for the first time at a Rodeo in Pawhuska hosted by the Round-Up Club. Needless to say it was LOVE at first sight, at least it was for Cody. They have been together ever since. They began their lives together on the road going from rodeo to rodeo and along the way they had their first daughter, Daisy. Cody sold his favorite horse so he could buy a home for his family in his wife’s home town of Pawhuska. Lauren began teaching in Barnsdall and Cody continued to rodeo for a living. While on the rodeo circuit Cody met a man who would become his greatest friend and business partner. Along the way it became evident that life on the road was not as appealing with a family at home and always being on the road. So one day Cody’s’ friend asked him what kind of business would you start if you could in Pawhuska. Cody’s first thought was, a pawn shop. With the help of his friend and the support of his family, Cody opened Big County Pawn in the Historic Whiting Osage Square. The arrival of their second daughter, Ellie, brought another level of excitement to their lives. Lauren soon found that she wanted to join Cody in business and retired from teaching to homeschool their daughters and help run the family business. It is now 9 years since they met, two daughters and 4 additional businesses later that the Garnetts find themselves at the epicenter of this rapidly growing tourist town. The Garnetts, along with the pawn shop, now own and operate the First Tuesday Auction, Lauren’s Bail Bond Service, The Bucking Flamingo and The Flamingo’s Nest (B&B).

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