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Elizabeth Maria & Marjorie Louise TallChief

“Exciting, Energetic, Inspiring, Legendary, Ballerina TallChief Sisters” These two Native American women paved the way during a time in America’s most trying years of prejudice against women. Elizabeth Marie (Maria) TallChief, born January 24, 1925, in Fairfax, Oklahoma, was a daughter to Alexander Joseph Tall Chief and Ruth (nee Porter). She was the first American […]

First WahZhaZhe (Osage) Woman to serve in U.S. Marine Corps

First Female Osage Marine Born July 11, 1923 in Wynona, Oklahoma, Died June 13, 2001 First lady Eleanor Roosevelt helped change the law so all women, including Native Americans, could serve in the World War II war effort. In a time of America when women were expected to be in the kitchen with their aprons […]

Major General Clarence L. Tinker

 Born November 21, 1887, near Pawhuska, Osage Reservation, Died June 7, 1942, Battle of the Midway WWII, Pacific Ocean Clarence Leonard Tinker was the eldest son of George Edward Tinker and Sarah (Schwagerte) Tinker. He was raised Osage and spoke the Osage language and grew to be the highest ranking Native American officer during WWII. […]

Leah Jenkins

ROAMING the OSAGE Join us as we roam in and around Pawhuska enjoying views of the Osage Hills, Tallgrass Prairie, Drummond Ranch and Much More! We will take you back in time to the 1920’s oil boom with stories of riches, historical buildings, famous cowboys and the Reign of Terror (Osage Murders). Discover why we […]

Prairie Cottage

A boutique owned by sisters Beverly Moore & Debbie Salerno. They have a wide selection of kitchen items, T-shirts, clothing, gift items for baby, home decor, & tasty food items that are easy to prepare. Their selection of jewelry includes Brighton, Rustic Cuff, & many one-of-a kind items. They worked with artists to create unique […]