Callie Lee – Outfitting the Osage


“It’s all about classic style. I love it when people get dressed up and see how it can make them feel good about themselves. My husband, Joey, and I absoloutly fell in love with the romanticism of Osage county and wanted to create a shopping experience that would encompass the ranch lifestyle and I think we have done that with our store Osage Outfitters”. Callie takes pride in what she does and is always on the search for high quality, unique items that she herself would be excited to wear. Callie strives to find those special items that are not readily available across the country including custom-designed cowboy boots. Osage Outfitters was created to be a place where both ladies and gentlemen can get outfitted from head to toe. “Whether you are going to go to a concert and a night on the town, or you are going to go rope or do day work, we just really wanted to cover all of the bases.” – Callie Lee

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