Buffalo Cody


“BUFFALO” CODY GARNETT – When you visit the City of Pawhuska there are many amazing sights, shops and people to see. But, by far, the most unique of them all would have to be the ever vigilant man of the west, Cody Garnett, or Buffalo Cody if you dare. It is told that he rode into town for the first time on the back of a wild buffalo. Not much else is known about his earlier years but what we do know is that he is one of the toughest hombres this side of the border, the Oklahoma-Texas Border that is. A story we would like to share with you is of the time Cody and his girls, Daisy and Ellie, went South of the Border looking for valuables to bring back to Pawhuska to populate his trading post, The Buckin’ Flamingo. Amongst the rusted remains of old signs and pottery, they came across a sight that would make any normal person’s blood run cold. Before them stood a nine foot grizzly bear with the steely-eyed gaze of a killer. Cody knew at once that this bear would decorate the hallowed halls of his trading post in the Osage Hills. With the help of his girls, and a better than average knowledge of knife wielding, Cody was able to bring the bear and many other unique items back to town with his dignity and flesh still intact. When Cody returned he was met by his Osage bride, Lauren, and the girls would go on to tell their mother of the adventures they shared with their father, with much delight. Lauren “Hair of Gold” Garnett; Cody’s beautiful bride. There never has been a more beautiful, blonde hair, green-eyed Osage Indian woman in all the territory. On the day that Cody rode into town on his buffalo, Lauren was there to witness in pure awe, and the animalistic attraction was undeniable. If there is such a thing as love at first sight, it was proven that day. The two have never left each other’s side and share daily adventures, the like of which are only written in the most fantastical novels. Their wares can be found throughout Pawhuska at the First Tuesday Auction, Big County Pawn, Lauren’s Bail Bond Service, The Buckin’ Flamingo and The Flamingo’s Nest (B&B).

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