Pawhuska is located in central Osage County and is the county seat and largest community. The town began in 1872 when Osage Agent Isaac T. Gibson established the Osage Agency on Bird Creek in what was then, Indian Territory. The settlement was named in honor of chief Pa-hu-scah (White Hair), a chief of the Osage Tribe. The Indian Herald, the village’s first newspaper, was started in 1875, and the Pawhuska post office opened in 1876. America’s first Boy Scout Troop was organized at Pawhuska in 1909. Pawhuska is the Capital of the Osage Nation and is home to the Osage Nation Museum which is the oldest tribally owned and operated museum in the United States. Annual community events are the Ben Johnson Memorial Steer Roping and the International Round-up Club’s Cavalcade, the world’s largest amateur rodeo. Also, home of the Pioneer Woman Mercantile.

The “BOOK” Tour – Killers of the Flower Moon

The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann

Prepare to experience a unique insight into the world of the Osage and see firsthand where history was made. Pawhuska is the home and Capital of the Osage Nation. Today Osage County is the home of over 3,000 Osage out of 22,000 in the Nation. These numbers are a far cry from what they should be, where as there are under 10 FULL BLOOD Osage still alive. All of this can be traced back to the 1920’s where the wholesale murder of the Osage began. The ripples in time from this dark myriad of events can still be felt and seen today. The Osage are a strong people and their Cultural Heritage is still alive and thriving here in the Osage Hills. The Pawhuska Guide will take you on a tour that will both entertain and enlighten.

Ride along with us as we bring locations and stories from the novel by David Grann, “Killers of the Flower Moon” to life. We will visit some of the most prominent locations in Pawhuska that are mentioned in the book and give you an in depth knowledge that is not present in the novel. This will help more clearly illustrate the history that made Pawhuska and the Osage people what they are today. Come experience all that Pawhuska has to offer.




Immerse yourself in the living history of the Osage and experience the unique perspective of a people that have endured the ultimate offense and yet continue to strive as a people with a rich cultural heritage. Sampling traditional Osage Indian foods and meeting descendants of some of the people mentioned in the novel are only a couple of highlights that the Pawhuska Guide has to offer.