BIGFOOT vs. The Garnett Gals

Where Myth Meets Legend!

It was a day like any other, when Lauren “Hair of Gold” Garnett and her girls, Daisy and Ellie went deep into the Osage Hills in search of unique items to populate their trading post, the Buckin’ Flamingo. This days journey had taken them further than they had ever gone before. Luckily for Lauren, both Daisy and Ellie were skilled trackers, each with their own specialty. It was Daisy who first came across the telltale signs of what would become their greatest discovery yet. With her keen senses, Ellie confirmed their suspicions and thus began the hunt for what they hoped would be the next featured attraction at the World Famous Buckin’ Flamingo.

With a sense of absolute purpose, Lauren and the girls embarked on a mission to capture the mysteriously elusive creature known as, the Bigfoot. It didn’t take long for the girls to find signs of Bigfoot activity in the immediate area. They formulated a foolproof plan they would later call the “screaming squirrel”. Both Daisy and Ellie positioned themselves high up in the trees just above bigfoot eye level and remained perfectly still for what seemed like hours. All the while Lauren practiced her yoga meditation technique and honed her highly accurate roping skills that she had learned from her husband, Buffalo Cody.

It is still unclear whether the creature was aware of their presence or not but it unwittingly stepped into their trap and had the surprise of its life. Lauren was the first to sense its presence and positioned herself in the shadows all the while masking her scent with a skunk gland she kept in her medicine bag for occasions just like this. Like a strike of lightning, Lauren’s rope shot out of the darkness and lassoed the creatures foot so fast that it didn’t even know it had already been captured. From both sides, the girls jumped from their positions in the trees and landed on the creature to commence the “tickle torture” that would ultimately break the creatures will. Broken and humbled by the clever trap set by Lauren and the girls, the creature known as Bigfoot submitted to their overwhelming superiority and returned with them to the Buckin’ Flamingo. There you will witness the largest Bigfoot in captivity and an unparralleled selection of souvenirs, metal art, jewelry and the most unique items this side of the Pecos.

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